Lead the Future of World Trade

20Xel Leaders Programme

The world is changing at an unparalleled pace, and with it so is the business landscape and the way companies and people work.

Disruptive technology and changing behaviours will lead to a seismic shift in the way goods are manufactured, transported, and bought and sold.

DP World aims to be at the forefront of this next industrial revolution, and you have a chance to join us.

We are inviting applications from carefully selected UAE National graduates to be part of a prestigious leadership programme that will equip them with the skills and experience needed to shape the future.

Mirroring the leadership habits of Dubai’s rulers – past and present – the 20Xel programme will provide participants with effective methods in the areas of:

• Ambition: Seeing what others don’t

• Strategy: Having the courage to choose a competitive strategy and seeing it through

• Results: Delivering more than promised, ahead of time, 100% of the time

This is the most rigorous and competitive programme in Dubai and its goal is clear: to develop the next generation of executives and CEOs.

About The Programme

Why Apply?

20Xel is much more than a graduate programme, it is the foundation of a rewarding career with long-term prospects.

As a bright, motivated, ambitious graduate aiming for the best possible start to your career, you will embark on a tailor-made journey designed to bring out your best and instil the winning ways necessary to become a leader of the future.

Through a combination of on-the-job training, mentoring from senior colleagues and executive development programmes you will become an expert in our industry, perfectly positioned to assume senior executive roles within the organisation.

Because we are building leaders who think big, seize opportunities and will lead into the future, the 20Xel programme is highly-selective. We are looking for graduates with the following attributes:


You can see what others don’t. This includes what is possible for the business and what the market needs. And what is more, you have the ambition to make it happen.

Smart Thinkers

You are quick to understand and deal with business situations and identify risks and opportunities.


You see challenges as opportunities for progress and can always find solutions to difficult questions or situations.


You have a history of thinking big, setting and achieving challenging goals.

Modest Leaders

You are able to keep your ego and emotions from interfering with how you interact with other people. You can persuade others to voluntarily follow you.

English Proficient

In this global role you would need to be able to communicate clearly and accurately in English.

How To Apply?

Click below to fill in your details and submit your CV. You will also find a space to answer the following two questions:

a) What stand-out achievement have you accomplished so far in your life?
b) What do you plan to accomplish in your career?

Successful candidates will be contacted shortly afterwards to proceed to the next stage consisting of a written assignment to solve a fictional business problem facing the company.

Stage three will involve on online personality assessment.

The fourth and final stage of the process is an interview with DP World executives during which we will explore your leadership abilities, entrepreneurial drive and problem solving skills.

On completion of the four phases over six weeks, the final 20 successful applicants will be welcomed onto the programme.

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